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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Art at Marlborough St Mary's!

Our Vision:

At Marlborough St Mary’s, we envision a school that is inclusive, happy, and successful, nestled in the heart of our vibrant local community. Together, our families and dedicated staff empower our children to become confident, independent learners who care for themselves, each other, and the world around them. We encourage our students to be brilliant, be bold, be kind, and together we believe, learn, and achieve.

Subject: Art (Led by Ms. B. Ambrosini)

Understanding Art at Marlborough St Mary’s:

We believe that art is an important and exciting subject in its own right. Art is a form of human creativity and expression, allowing our young artists to experiment, experience, and be bold with their creativity. It encourages them to reflect and critically evaluate their own and others' work. Art inspires our children for their futures, fostering their creativity and preparing them to think differently.

What We Aim For:

Our engaging and active art curriculum at Marlborough St Mary’s is designed to be inclusive and experiential. We enrich children’s learning through practical, cross-curricular activities that build curiosity and resilience. In a caring, inclusive environment based on Christian values, we nurture creativity, imagination, and a love for learning. Our curriculum is challenging, sequential, and aspirational for all, linking to real-life experiences and preparing our pupils to become global citizens.

How We Teach Art:

Art is taught as a blend of knowledge and specific skills. Lessons progressively build on previous learning, revisiting knowledge and skills as appropriate. Students learn about a wide range of artists, their backgrounds, inspirations, and artistic journeys, allowing them to understand the use of specific skills. Artists from diverse backgrounds are explored to help children relate to their studies. Students use various media and keep sketchbooks to record their development and ideas. Our town of Marlborough often serves as inspiration for drawing work, allowing students to express their sense of belonging and the importance of their community through their artwork.

Assessment and Progress:

Teachers provide ongoing feedback and encouragement to students during lessons, celebrating their progress and offering guidance on any misconceptions. Additionally, students have the opportunity to use specific art vocabulary to critique artwork and discuss its impact. They also get to visit local galleries and meet real-life artists, broadening their understanding of art and potentially sparking an interest in art as a future career.

The Result:

At Marlborough St Mary’s, our children thoroughly enjoy their art lessons, demonstrating pride in their progress and confidence in their artwork. Their sketchbooks showcase strong development from initial ideas, and they can articulate and critique their learning journeys using specific art vocabulary. Inspired by visits to local galleries and interactions with real-life artists, our young artists leave Year 6 equipped with the confidence and skills to pursue art in KS3 and beyond. We are proud to see them grow into successful, independent artists who understand how to make progress, experiment, take risks, and find their path in the world of art.