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Cultural Enrichment

Discover Our School's Vision for Your Child's Growth

Led by Ben Lawrence

At Marlborough St. Mary's Primary School, we have a vision of creating an inclusive, joyful and thriving school right in the heart of our local community. Together, as a close-knit family of parents and dedicated staff, we work hand-in-hand to help our children become confident, independent learners who not only care for themselves but also for each other and the world around them. Our motto is simple and inspiring: "Be brilliant, be bold, be kind, and together we will believe, learn, and achieve."

Inspired by a Timeless Story

Our school's vision is inspired by the timeless story of Jesus and the Fishermen, as found in the New Testament in Luke 5:1-11 and Matthew 4:18-22. This story teaches important values of unity, compassion, and working together towards a common goal - values we instill in our students every day.

Our Intent: A Diverse Education for Every Child

At Marlborough St. Mary's Primary School, we believe that every child deserves a diverse and enriching education. Our approach goes beyond traditional classroom learning. We offer a wide range of activities and experiences that engage and inspire children at every stage of their development, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the world around them. These diverse experiences not only enhance their understanding of the world but also promote personal growth, build confidence, and support mental well-being.

How We Make It Happen

To put our vision into action, Marlborough St. Mary's Primary School has designed a comprehensive program of activities and experiences that guide your child's learning journey from Early Years until they're ready to move on to secondary school. Each year, your child will receive a "passport of activities" to complete. While some of these activities are part of their core learning, we also dedicate one day each term for children to explore beyond the standard curriculum, broadening their cultural horizons.

Measuring the Impact

Our goal is to nurture well-rounded children who are culturally aware and appreciate the world's endless possibilities. We measure our success through regular pupil voice meetings, where we listen to your child's thoughts and experiences, ensuring that our approach is positively impacting each individual child.