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Equality and Diversity

Our Vision 

Our Vision is of an inclusive, happy, and successful school at the heart of the local community. Together, our families and staff help our children to become confident, independent learners that care for themselves, each other, and the environment around them. Be brilliant, be bold, be kind and … ‘Together we will believe, learn and achieve’  

 Our Vision draws inspiration from the story of Jesus and the Fishermen which is found in the New Testament Luke 5:1-11 Matthew 4:18 -22  

Subject Leader: Miss Georgia Derbyshire 

Diversity Education at Marlborough St. Mary's.

At Marlborough St. Mary's, our goal is to give your children a well-rounded education that celebrates diversity and helps them grow into empathetic, compassionate, and open-minded individuals.

What is Diversity Education?

Diversity Education is all about teaching our students to embrace and appreciate differences in people, cultures, and backgrounds. We want our children to have accurate and positive representations of themselves to aspire to. It is important for our children to understand the importance of being unique and celebrating the differences between one another. 

Why is it important?

In our community, it is vital to ensure our children grow up without misconceptions or biases. We want them to understand the world's diversity, encourage discussions about global issues, and become global citizens who are accepting and caring of everyone around them.

Our approach to diversifying our curriculum:

1. Targeted Lessons: We include lessons in our curriculum that link to diversity and equality, aligning them with class topics and reading materials where relevant. These lessons help children understand and appreciate differences.

2. Golden Threads and Drivers: diversifying our curriculum aligns with our school's vision to support our children through our four drivers: Read, Talk, Pride, and Marlborough.

Read and Talk:

We use book talk to inspire discussions and celebrate diversity. Our reading materials introduce children to authors from different backgrounds, cultures, and genders. We choose high-quality books that spark conversations about important topics like fairness, equality, and understanding others.

Pride and Marlborough:

We celebrate multilingualism in our school. Bilingual students are encouraged to use all their languages to support their learning. We organise assemblies where children and parents from diverse backgrounds share their experiences, cultures, and traditions.


What is the Impact?

Our aim is to create a community of students who are empathetic, kind, and informed about inequalities in the world. We'll monitor the effectiveness of our diversity education through pupil surveys to make sure our children are learning and growing.

As our diversity education continues to evolve, we believe our students will show more kindness, care, and acceptance towards all cultures, genders, races, abilities and religions. Together, we're building a more inclusive and harmonious world.