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At Marlborough St Mary's, we have a vibrant and engaging curriculum that welcomes every child. Our approach is hands-on and inclusive, fostering curiosity and resilience through practical, cross-curricular activities. Rooted in Christian values and a nurturing environment, we nurture creativity, imagination, and a love for learning. Our goal is to empower students with independence and lifelong learning skills. Our curriculum is challenging, sequential, and forward-looking, connecting knowledge and skills to real-life experiences. This prepares our pupils to become active members of the Marlborough community and responsible global citizens.

Subject Intent - Geography:

At Marlborough St Mary's, we want Geography to be a window into the world for our students. Through our curriculum, children will explore not only their local surroundings but also places far and wide, enabling them to grasp their role in our vast and ever-changing world. By investigating local, national, and global locations, children will develop their understanding of both the physical and human aspects of the Earth. This understanding will help them see the interconnectedness of the world, their place in it, their impact, and their responsibilities to others and the environment. We aim to instill a passion for geography in our students, as it is a fascinating and diverse subject. We encourage curiosity and nurture inquiry skills that can be applied across various subjects. Geography at St. Mary's enables children to ask questions, seek answers, and expand their geographical knowledge and vocabulary.

Through excellent teaching, we aim to cultivate the following essential qualities in our young geographers:

  1. A genuine interest in geography, a sense of curiosity, and pride in our diverse world.
  2. A strong knowledge of places and their physical and human features, locally, in Great Britain, and globally.
  3. A comprehensive understanding of how places are interconnected.
  4. An extensive geographical vocabulary and the ability to articulate their understanding through discussion.
  5. Proficiency in fieldwork skills where applicable.

Curriculum Implementation:

To ensure the best learning outcomes for our students in Geography, we emphasize the importance of key vocabulary (1 and 2). We provide high-quality geographical resources to enable independent research and learning (2). Our teachers use real-life examples and experiences whenever possible to make learning hands-on and engaging. For instance, in Key Stage 1, children explore maps of Marlborough before venturing out into the local area (4). Our curriculum aligns with the National Curriculum and includes a clear progression of skills and knowledge. Lessons are designed with progression in mind, introducing new skills and concepts while building on previous learning. Effective questioning is used to deepen understanding and promote students' own inquiry skills (1 and 2).


Our goal is to nurture young geographers who are curious, inquisitive, and proud of their world (3). We measure the impact of Geography on our students through regular pupil voice sessions, where they share their learning and knowledge (1). Displays and books are used to celebrate their achievements and showcase the exciting activities they have been involved in (3).

By the time our children leave Marlborough St Mary's school, they will:

  • Possess sound knowledge of places and their characteristics.
  • Have a strong foundation of geographical knowledge and vocabulary to support further education (1 and 2).
  • Exhibit a genuine passion for and commitment to Geography, along with a strong sense of curiosity about the world and its inhabitants.
  • Take pride in their local area and the wider world, understanding ways to protect and cherish their environment (3 and 4).