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Discovering History at Marlborough St Mary’s Primary School!

Welcome to the vibrant world of history at Marlborough St Mary’s (MSM) Primary School, where we foster an inclusive, happy, and successful learning environment at the heart of our local community. Our approach to history is deeply rooted in our core drivers: Read, Talk, Pride, and Marlborough.

TALK: We encourage the use of technical vocabulary, engaging talk partners, facilitating meaningful discussions, and creating word banks to enhance communication skills and comprehension.
READ: Our history curriculum involves linked texts, sharing work, providing and receiving feedback, as well as interactive tools like vote posters and cubes to enrich reading experiences.

PRIDE: We celebrate historical milestones and achievements, instilling a sense of pride amongst our students. This celebration cultivates a purpose-driven understanding of the past and its relevance today.

Community Engagement: We regularly organise visits to our local area, connecting our students with the historical fabric of our community and fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Curriculum Intent

At MSM, our curriculum embodies an engaging, active approach that is inclusive and experiential. We prioritise practical, cross-curricular activities that nurture curiosity and resilience, instilling creativity, imagination, and a love for learning. Our aim is to develop confident, independent learners who care for themselves, each other, and the environment.

Subject Intent

In our history curriculum, we strive to impart a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the past to our students. We provide a well-rounded view of historical events and societies, both in Britain and globally. Our focus includes developing essential skills such as enquiry, analysis, interpretation, and problem-solving, crucial for their educational journey.


Early Years: The introduction to historical vocabulary begins early, integrating historical concepts into their understanding of the world and community. Stories, non-fiction, and other literary tools are used to develop awareness of our diverse world and its evolution.

KS1 and KS2: Learning progresses through revisiting prior knowledge, integrating subject-specific vocabulary, and providing various experiences, both in and out of the classroom. Cross-curricular approaches and historical enquiry techniques enrich the learning process.


Our teaching approach to history cultivates a genuine love and enthusiasm for the subject amongst our students. Their ability to confidently discuss historical topics using subject-specific vocabulary reflects the success of our curriculum. The impact can be seen in their critical thinking, analytical skills, and ability to make informed judgements based on their knowledge of the past.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our students develop a deeper understanding of the world, including the local context, and appreciate the role of history in shaping their lives. We aim to empower them as engaged, informed citizens with a strong sense of heritage and global awareness. Together, we believe, learn, and achieve, honouring the lessons of the past to create a brighter future.