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MSM Radio

We are very lucky at Marlborough St Mary's Primary School to have our own school radio recording equipment! 

Some of the many benefits link to our school drivers.

  • TALK - By using the school radio frequently, each child will have the opportunity to build confidence in public speaking and improve their speaking and listening skills.
  • READ - Because reading is at the heart of our curriculum, children are able to share their own creativity by reading outstanding pieces of work. 
  • PRIDE - The school radio is a fantastic opportunity for children to feel pride in their work and build self-confidence as they share their work with the school and community.
  • MARLBOROUGH - As our community is very important to us, the radio allows us to connect with our local community, including key events such as the Christmas and Summer Fayres. 

As the year progresses, each year group will have a term where they can broadcast their learning to our school community. These will then be uploaded to the school website for you to enjoy!


Term 2 = Year 1 and 2 

Term 3 = Year 3

Term 4 = Year 4

Term 5 = Year 5

Term 6 = Year 6