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Music at Marlborough St Mary's: A Harmonious Symphony of Read, Talk, Pride, and Marlborough

Welcome to the melodious realm of music at Marlborough St Mary’s, where our commitment to excellence harmonizes with our four guiding drivers: Read, Talk, Pride, and Marlborough. At our school, we strive to create an enriching musical experience that resonates with the spirit of our unique drivers.

Curriculum Intent:

Our engaging and active curriculum, deeply rooted in the English tradition, encapsulates the essence of Read, Talk, Pride, and Marlborough. We believe that through the power of music, children can not only build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills but also develop a deep sense of pride in their achievements and a connection to the rich heritage of Marlborough.


Aligned with our drivers, the music curriculum at Marlborough St Mary’s is carefully crafted to emphasize the importance of reading musical notes, talking about various genres, taking pride in musical accomplishments, and embodying the spirit of Marlborough. Students engage in a dynamic blend of activities, from whole Key Stage singing practices to class-based music lessons, all designed to instil a love for music and enhance their sense of pride and identity.

Our students have the opportunity to:

- Use their voices expressively and creatively, embodying the essence of Talk
- Play a range of tuned and un-tuned instruments, fostering a sense of Pride in their musical abilities
- Listen with concentration to high-quality music, enriching their understanding of the musical world
- Explore musical terminology and vocabulary, aligning with the spirit of Read
- Experiment with sound through various sources, creating a unique Marlborough musical experience
- Learn about and sing songs from around the world, celebrating diversity and unity through music
- Experience the joy of composing, performing, and appraising, cultivating a sense of Pride in their musical achievements


The impact of our music curriculum is measured not only in musical proficiency but also in how well it aligns with our four drivers. Through discussions, observations, and regular reviews of children's work, we ensure that the values of Read, Talk, Pride, and Marlborough are woven into the fabric of their musical education.

At Marlborough St Mary’s, we invite our children to embark on a musical journey that celebrates the richness of English heritage, fosters a sense of pride in their accomplishments, and encapsulates the spirit of Marlborough in every note. Join us as we create a harmonious symphony, guided by the pillars of Read, Talk, Pride, and Marlborough.