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Religious Education

Welcome to Marlborough St Mary's Primary School, where we are guided by Christian values of fairness, respect, friendship, love, perseverance, and courage. These values are at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to instil them in all aspects of your child's education, not just during dedicated RE lessons.

Our Intent: The primary aim of our Religious Education (RE) curriculum is to engage your child in an enriching journey of exploration. Through RE, they will develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the local, national, and global communities they are part of. At Marlborough St Mary's, we consider RE to be a vital subject that contributes significantly to your child's spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • We follow the Wiltshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, teaching your child about various religions and beliefs present in today's society.
  • In every year group, your child will learn about Christianity through the Understanding Christianity Scheme, focusing on key themes such as Creation, Fall, People of God, Incarnation, Gospel, Salvation, and the Kingdom of God.
  • We also introduce your child to alternative religions, including Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam, through the Discovery RE program.
  • Our lessons take various forms, including discussions, reading religious texts, and even visits to holy places like St Mary's church in Marlborough.
  • In Key Stage 1, we use class floor books to document our collective learning, while in Key Stage 2, your child maintains their individual RE book as they progress through the school.
  • Our dedicated RE Subject Leader ensures the quality of our RE curriculum through regular monitoring, evaluation, and improvement activities.

Impact on Your Child: Our RE curriculum plays a crucial role in helping your child understand how people of diverse backgrounds choose to live and why. It fosters a sense of self-worth and is invaluable in our ever-changing world.

  • Through our curriculum, your child will develop religious knowledge and understanding appropriate for their age.
  • They will gain religious literacy, allowing them to respect the beliefs and practices of Christians and members of other world faiths.
  • Your child will learn to explore, analyse, and think critically about these beliefs, all from a standpoint of tolerance and understanding.
  • We encourage reflection and the development of your child's personal belief system and spirituality.

In conclusion, Religious Education at Marlborough St Mary's Primary School is an integral part of your child's education, nurturing their understanding of the world's diversity and promoting values of respect, empathy, and open-mindedness. We believe that it equips them with valuable skills and knowledge for life. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our RE curriculum, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Further RE planning information can be found in either the Understanding Christianity resource pack or Discovery RE scheme of work books.