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 The School Uniform is: 

  • grey trousers, skirt or shorts  

  • red sweatshirt or cardigan  

  • grey or black socks  

  • white polo shirt  

  • red and white gingham summer dress  

  • smart shoes (Smart black trainers are acceptable)

Trousers and shorts worn in school for uniform must be appropriate uniform style material and ‘cut’, not sportswear or fashion styles. Shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans are all available with the school logo. This is optional to ensure the uniform is affordable to all families.  

The school PE kit is: 

  • white T-Shirt  

  • black or grey shorts  

  • black or grey tracksuit bottoms  

  • black, grey or red sweatshirt/hoodie  

  • daps or trainers  


Financial Hardships 

The school recognises the challenge for families in financing the correct school uniform therefore the school will work closely with the Friends of Marlborough St. Mary's Primary School to ensure second-hand uniform is readily available to purchase at a very inexpensive cost at regular intervals such as Parents’ evenings.  


At Marlborough St. Mary's Primary School we want our children to be comfortable and safe. If weather extremes, such as hot and cold, indicate that altering the unform (for example, wearing PE kit) might be sensible then we will inform parents via ClassDojo. 

Other Items 

The school strongly recommends that children have the following items: 

  • a bookbag (available via the school website) 

  • a PE rucksack (available via the school website) 

The school also recommends children have: 

  • a small backpack 

  • a sun hat in the summer months (or when advised by teachers) 

  • a water bottle 


Coats should be smart and practical. We recommend that coats are not expensive in case they suffer damage. If children walk or cycle home then we strongly recommend that coats are bright and visible so children can be easily seen.  


Items which will carry the school’s logo (sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, t-shirts, book bags, PE bags, KS2 rucksack) are available through the school’s supplier.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of labelling absolutely EVERYTHING.  All items of clothing, even socks and shoes, vests and pants go missing!  The PE lesson is typically the time when items of clothing get muddled or lost.  A name label resolves issues of ownership in seconds.